Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Buddy!

Winter Solstice came and Ezra started eating food and turned 6 months old this week! He eats homemade oat cereal. I blend up 1/4 c. organic whole oat groats, steel cut oats or regular oats in the blender, then cook in 1 c. boiling water for 5 minutes constantly stirring with a wisk. Then add water, breast milk or formula to desired consistency. Once he got used to the oats we started adding (no sugar added) applesauce. He loves it--almost as much as he loves listening to his voice! We will see what he thinks about sweet potatoe next week. I love watching him try food out and learn to eat. He is so funny! Soon we will be trying Millet and then Quinoa...But the change in diaper contents-- I'm not gonna's not zesty.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Now and then

He likes to work out with me. He's really good at push ups and leg ups!He looks so cute in stripes too :)Remeber him this summer (Late August 2008)?And look at him now! (Late November 2008 )--Still cute in that hat but a A LOT bigger, filling up the carseat now, LOVING his fingers, and still making funny expressions all the time!And back in July 2008 when we first came to IdahoCompared to this thanksgiving (November 2008)-- Look how much these kids have all grown since July! Amelia and Cash both love to "hold" Ezra and give him love!
Winter is already here! Thanks for the fuzzy warm suit so I can go outside aunt Heather!

This is just a short clip but you can see how determined this kid is to get where he wants to go!