Sunday, July 20, 2008

A little about my parents

Murvel Ray Thornton born July 10, 1960 in Havre Montana to Patricia and Robert Thornton

Rebecca Johnson Thornton born September 6, 1977 in Provo Utah to Debra and Mark Johnson
Married October 14, 2006 at the Moonshine Barn in Star Idaho

Ezra Jubal

Was born at 3:07 or 3:08 (there was some controversy between the nurse and my friend Jamie as to the exact time) on the morning of June 19th 2008 just as the full moon was exactly overhead, on the summer solstice. He was also born on Hadley's birthday so he has his very own birthday twin.

EZRA עֶזְרָא (Hebrew)
Pronounced: EZ-ra
Means "help" in Hebrew. Ezra was a prophet of the Old Testament and the author of the Book of Ezra. The American poet Ezra Pound was a famous bearer of this name.

JUBAL יוּבָל (Hebrew)
Pronounced: JOO-bal
Means "small stream" in Hebrew. This name is mentioned in Genesis in the Old Testament as belonging to the first person to be a musician.

Ezra is the name of my maternal grandfather and a name I have always loved. When I was about 10 years old I remember telling my grandpa that if I had a boy I would call him Ezra-- my grandpa said... "Why would you want to go a do a thing like that?" Apparently he did not love his name as much as I did and still do.
Murv chose his middle name-- Jubal. He says the moon told him the name on a walk he took while I was in labor. When we chose his names we did not know that they were both old testament hebrew names. We also found out later that my grandpa had a cousin who at the age of 50 decided to become a hippy and changed his name to Jubal. So anyway this 8.5 pound 21 inch long boy inherited quite a strong name.
He already has several nicknames including Ez, Z, Ezzy, E-Z, Jube, Juballoon, Tater, Tater bucket and sweet pea.

Ezra Jubal did not choose an easy way to begin life on earth (in more ways than one)--1) Because he inhaled amniotic fluid and meconium while in utero, he ended up having to spend 10 days in the NICU in Austin. He had his first flight (Grandpa Ezra Ward style) when he was only about 6 hours old. They had to take him in a helicopter to a hospital with a NICU because they didn't have one where he was born. It was a really hard thing for us because we did not get to hold him for the first week! That was awful! But fortunately he was able to heal and recover and at 4 weeks old he is doing really well! and 2) Because he is stuck with me and Murv for parents! :)
So far he really loves music of his favorite songs is called 'Falling Slowly' (from the Once soundtrack). I think because I played it all the time while I was pregnant. He also likes Come thou Fount and For the Beauty of the Earth.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Photo Journey

This is a collage of pictures that catalogues what was going on during the making of Ezra
January 2008...4 months
Brookshire Brothers Parking lot, Wimberley Texas

Trip to Idaho...Hadley Grace...the birthday twin! March 2008
7 months
Cousins Amelia, Cash and Hadley in Boise Idaho, 2008Uncle Ryan, Aunt Heather and Papa J in Boise Idaho April 2008Back in Wimberley texas in front of Birdsong Guitars May 20088 months, in front of Murv's Padobes on our land in Texas
Just several days before Ezra's birth when we were still calling him the bean and I still thought he might be a girl! Taken at the house of Thomas where Murv was remodeling a bathroom, Wimberley Texas