Sunday, September 21, 2008

About Ezra

Ezra is now three months old... so heres lookin' at you kid!

Things I know about Ezra so far:
1. He is very alert and has been since the very beginning-- that is the first thing people always say about him when they meet him
2. He loves to smile
3. He is already teething and trying to walk (stop it!) at three months old
4. He is a very calm happy baby
5. He has no trouble going to sleep
6. He prefers his fingers and has already given up his pacifier voluntarily
7. When I lay him down he immediatley puts his fingers in his mouth and the other hand on the back of his head
8. We both survived his first flu this month... it was scary for mommy at first but he is fine now
9. He is a MAJOR spitter upper! (gross!)
10. He LOVES music
11. He LOVES to be outside
12. He sleeps A LOT
13. He hangs out with his aunt Heather and his cousin Amelia when I go to work a couple days a week. He started last week. He seems to be making the adjustment pretty well I think
14. When I picked him up from Heather's house the other night he literally spit up on me four times in a row and had a poopy diaper blowout which ended up on my pants and him, and then while I was trying to change him he pooped again and it went everywhere-- a good laugh was had by all. I was a stinky mess in about ten minutes flat! He seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself while torturing me!
15. he has LOONG eyelashes
16. He can push himself up in his bed and peek over the side now
17.He sleeps with his mouth open and slobbers like me when he is alseep!
18. He loves to clasp his hands and try to eat them
19. He doesn't have to wear his boxing mitts anymore because he doesn't scratch his face anymore finally
20.He is one tough cookie! He had to fight pretty hard right off the bat. He is total champ!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am behind on Ezra's blog so I am going to start now and then go backwards so I don't get anymore behind.

So far Ezra Jubal has been living a very full life! He has been on a helicopter, an airplane and a boat. In his short life he has been to the ocean, a Boise Hawks baseball game, the Western Idaho fair, and spent a lovely week with all his cousins and aunts and uncles on the lake in McCall Idaho! He loves people and adventures just like his mom :) And he is a very happy baby!