Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Boy

Ezra is growing up. This picture is from the fall. He has had several haircuts since then but I am having trouble with my camera so this picture will have to do for now. He is so awesome. Fun loving. Happy go lucky. Very active. Fascinated with cars, tractors, motorcycles and machines of any sort. He likes to run and pound on things. I am sure he is a typical boy-- climbs all over everything, has no fear. But since I don't know any other little boys that's all new and fascinating to me. He is still a good sleeper though he is starting to protest bedtime a little more now and then. He sings and hums all the time, which I love. He can say Mom, mommy, mama, adam, dog, uh-oh, and he chimes in on the two if you count One, two, three for him. Loves to wrestle and play rough...all that stuff.
He gives very brief but sweet hugs and will let you kiss him but doesn't kiss you. Gives high five and knuckles. Loves dogs. Loves his blue blanket. Won't sleep with out it. Also he is a voracious milk drinker-- which he did not get from my side of the family.
Love you Ez.