Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Fall! and he's 5 months old!

Ezra is now five months old. He rolls both ways and can army crawl and get anywhere he wants to go. He constantly wiggles and moves and kicks his feet as hard as he can and makes it really hard to change his diaper. The kid has gone mobile on me... I am so scared :) He smiles all the time and still sleeps really well. This fall he got to play with his mini BFF's, take trips to Washington, Utah and Texas, and enjoy fall festivities like Halloween. He is a such a trooper. He loves to be out and about and to be around people, and other little kids...He makes me smile and laugh at least 10 times a day. He will be eating food before I know it...he is always watching me put stuff in my mouth and grabbing for it.For our Washington adventure my mom took us to Seattle and the San Juan Islands as a combined birthday and Christmas gift. It was absolutley heavenly. I loved walking around Pike's Market with Ez showing him all the beautiful fruits and veggies and arts and crafts and the fish market. He was fascinated. He loved riding the ferry and got to meet my good friend Jeanne Belanger and Nana got him some really great books at my favorite book store on Lopez Island. I hope I will be able to return to the islands with Ezra again and again! Maybe someday we will even be able to live there. That would be a dream...

Little Rascal ( I love his expressions)

In Utah Ezra got to meet my cousin Jared Miller (they kind of look alike) and lots of other friends and family... I remembered to take a few pictures...

Jamie and Baugh (my roomate/friends when I was at Utah State) My old BYU roommate and good friend Jenny watched Ezra for me while I was doing a retreat and she also crocheted this adorable little bear for Ezra-- her first crochet project just for Ez!
Halloween was a blast with aunt Mary, Heather, Uncle Ryan, Hadley, Cash and Marley. Ezra was a cute lil punkin!